Next concerts:

18th of January 2019: Kugelbahn, Berlin Wedding

26th of January 2019: Prachtwerk, Berlin Neukölln

Past concerts:

9th of June 2018: Culture Container, Berlin

3rd of May 2018: Bar Tausend, Berlin

22th of March 2018: Kaffee Burger, Berlin

28th of Oktober 2017: Hangar 49, Berlin

8th of July 2017: Keller, Berlin

5th of June 2017: Karnaval der Kulturen, Berlin

24th of May 2017: UFA Fabrik, Berlin

13th of May 2017: GoMokry, Hamburg

12th of May 2017: Kultur im Bunker, Bremen

23rd of March 2017: Kaffee Burger, Berlin

22nd of October 2016: Noize fabrik, Berlin

9th of June 2016: Agora Rollberg, Berlin

28th of May 2016: Badehaus, Berlin

25th of April 2016: Engels, Berlin

23rd of March 2016: Kaffee Burger, Berlin

23rd of January 2016: Lagari, Berlin

18th of December 2015: Oblomov, Berlin

29th of November 2015: Koffer, Berlin

18th of July 2015: Filmrauschpalast, Berlin

17th of July 2015: Hangar 49, Berlin

10th of July 2015: Rotes Café, Berlin

4th of July 2015: Engels, Berlin

6th of June 2015: Barkett, Berlin

22nd of April 2015: Donau 115, Berlin

7th of February 2015: Filmrauschpalast, Berlin